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Sustainable development

Nature is very important to us and therefore also its conservation. With small actions we try to do something good for our land. In addition, we (Silke and Arne) studied agricultural sciences and, among other things, we focused on “landscape ecology”. An additional incentive to do something in this direction.

Bienen Imker


We are beekeepers by training. We ensure the presence of honey plants rich in nectars and pollen on our meadows to the delight of our precious bees. In addition to providing us with honey, they are essential for the pollination of our various fruit trees (peaches, cherries, apples, persimmons, plums, etc.).

Solar installation

We have invested to invest in solar panels. The electricity for our Marrakech gîte comes largely from these panels. Our goal is to succeed, little by little, in equipping the entire property for self-consumption in green energy. We hope to achieve this in the next few years.


Our forests provide us with all of our timber and fuel. as well as mushrooms (including very good porcini mushrooms) and chestnuts. We carry out our own silvicultural management: the forest is developed and afforested in a sustainable way.


Our garden is of course 100% organic. The soil in the garden is worked annually from our own compost, coming from the litter of our stables (chickens, ducks, sheep etc.). Depending on availability, we gladly share our fresh vegetables with our guests.

Water resource

The Colombié has its own water source. It has been captured and feeds the entire property by a pumping system. The Colombié is practically self-sufficient in water.

Make amends

Our backhoe loader is essential to us for the good maintenance of the farm and our constructions … but it also pollutes the environment with its black smoke. This is why we have decided on an “ecological compensation” each autumn and winter: young trees (lime, wild cherry, etc.) which, by virtue of their position, are condemned not to grow, are dug up from the forest and replanted in large spaces. By giving them more space, and sometimes more lights, we also increase their lifespan, and in this way we hope to offset the emissions from our backhoe loader in the long term.

Waste sorting

Sorting waste has always been a matter of course for us. Kitchen scraps and other bio-waste are recycled into compost or as food for our poultry … Of course, we ask our tenants to participate 😉

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